[Close Window]Small Service Checklist

  1. Carry out bodywork assessment/Inspection


  2. Fit protective seat cover and floor mats


  3. Check lights, indicators and other signalling devices


  4. Check operation of horn, wipers and washers, add screen wash


  5. Check operation and feel of brakes


  6. Check windscreen wipers for wear


  7. Check windscreen and mirrors for cracks/damage


  8. Check safety belts


  9. Check for engine noise/smoke


10. Renew engine oil & filter


11. Check antifreeze strength


12. Check/correct brake fluid level


13. Check/correct power steering fluid level


14. Check/correct gearbox fluid level


15. Check/correct battery fluid level (if applicable) & check terminals


16. Check/correct windscreen/headlamp washer level


17. Visually check front pads & discs for wear


18. Visually check rear pads & discs for wear


19. Visually check exhaust system


20. Visually check steering gaiters and constant velocity gaiters


21. Visually check front and rear suspension


22. Visually check fuel lines and pipe lines


23. Check/adjust tyre pressures


24. Check and report tyre tread depths


25. Check for tyre damage and/or signs of wheel misalignment


26. Visually check engine and transmission for fuel leaks


27. Check & top-up gearbox / transmission